Time for your cluttering intake?

Do you (suspect you) clutter and are you looking for ways to better control your speech? Do you find it difficult to get the proper support and speech therapy? Or do you feel that speech therapy did not help you enough? No need to explain… it may be time for your cluttering intake with us.

Finding out that I cluttered was like getting on board of an unstoppable high-speed train. On this journey of discovery I gained a lot of insights and tools that put me in the position to manage the cluttering to a large extent. At times I now even forget that the cluttering has, in the past, hold me back from succeeding in life: career-wise, in my relationships with others, financially, on a mental and emotional level, you name it. I can’t even put into words what a huge difference it makes to speak with such confidence and ease. That is; when I want it.

Now it’s time to help others. As an experienced clutterer (I am not a speech-language pathologist) I can help you manage the cluttering, better cope with it and boost your confidence and personal development. Claim your intake (beneath) and we will assess your needs.

Author cluttering Rutger Wilhelm

Rutger Wilhelm is chair-elect of the International Cluttering Association and also runs the consumer committee within that same organization. He is a often seen (key note) speaker at international congresses and other occasions. Next to that he is board member of the Dutch stuttering association. Until recently he served the board of the International Stuttering Association (ISA).

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If the cluttering has hold you back for too long, it’s worth doing something about it. I personally found my “holy grail” in a difficult period and after 20 years of searching. So, no matter in what condition you are, you can always learn to better manage your cluttering.

If you feel now is the time, pick a date of your convenience and book a free 30-minute intake (no strings attached). During this first session we will get to know each other a bit more, explore the questions you have and discuss the options available for tailor-made cluttering coaching. I look forward to meeting you!