By an experienced clutterer

Do you (suspect you) clutter and are you looking for ways to better control your speech? Do you find it difficult to get professional support? No need to explain… it may be time for cluttering coaching with us. 

Perhaps you want to learn how to get the words and sentences out properly. To build more confidence in applying speech techniques. Or maybe you just have tons of questions and would like to talk to another person with cluttering. We coach people who clutter and anyone close to them (like parents, family members and employers) from all over the world. Whether you live in Ghana, the United States, Pakistan, Singapore, Mexico, or any other place!

The cluttering coaching entails a tailor-made program. We will probably talk about taking more time. But it does not only have to be about that. For example, if you feel that something is holding you back from taking ‘the next step’, then there are ways to do that. As an experienced clutterer I have dealt a lot with mental and emotional issues underlying the cluttering. Cluttering is not all about speech: it can impact your entire “system”, and the way you interact with other people.

So, what to expect? Can I fix your cluttering in a couple of sessions? No. But I can provide you with tools to better manage it.

How our cluttering coaching works

2 coaching sessions

  • Getting you on track
  • Free intake included!
  • 30-minute sessions
  • €40 per session

3 coaching sessions

  • Working on the first goals
  • Free intake included!
  • 30-minute sessions
  • €35 per session

4 coaching sessions

  • Helping you to feel more confident
  • Free intake included!
  • 30-minute sessions
  • €30 per session

Prices are in euro: check the actual exchange rate in case you’re not based in the European Union.

Our cluttering coaching sessions take place online. Two sessions are meant to get you started.  We will discuss the main points that we both find necessary to address. It gives you direction and focus. In 3 coaching sessions we could work on one or two issues and monitor your progress. This may come with a couple of assignments, depending on your specific needs. Planning 4 sessions allows us to work on some issues more elaborately and is the most chosen package. Sessions have a duration of 30 minutes. All packages can easily be extended. A free intake is always included in the chosen package. After ordering your package you can book your intake. You will receive a confirmation for both.

My mission is to help you progress. So, if you’re looking for support from the perspective of an experienced fellow clutterer, then be my guest!

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Okay, so far so good. Now first order your package. After that, book an intake.


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Rutger Wilhelm is chair-elect of the International Cluttering Association. He is a often seen (key note) speaker at international congresses and author of the book Too fast for words. Also, he is board member of the Dutch stuttering association. Until recently he served the board of the International Stuttering Association (ISA).

Cluttering coaching by Rutger Wilhelm

Looking forward to help you manage the cluttering!

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No matter in what condition you are or how long you’ve known about your cluttering, you can always learn to better manage your cluttering. I personally found my “holy grail” after 20 years of searching, and it was definitely worth doing something about it!

Have you booked your package? Great! Now first pick a date for your intake. Sessions are typically on Fridays. Doesn’t work for you? No problem, we will find a solution. I look forward to meeting you!