Cluttering coaching

Our cluttering coaching entails a tailor-made program. There is plenty of room for you to bring forward suggestions and address the issues that you find important. Together we will determine the coaching goals. During our sessions we could for example discuss some techniques that may be beneficial to you. But it doesn’t have to be about that at all. If you prefer to go a bit more in-depth, for example to get the finger behind one or more mechanisms that might hold you back from taking ‘the next step’, then there are ways to do that. As an experienced clutterer I have dealt a lot with mental and emotional issues underlying the cluttering. My mission is to find out on what areas I can help you progress. So if you’re looking for support from the perspective of an experienced fellow clutterer, then be my guest!

You can choose from 3 cluttering coaching packages:

1 coaching session

  • Getting you on track and determining your treatment goals.

3 coaching sessions

  • Working on the first treatment goals and evaluating your progress.

5 coaching sessions

  • Empowering you to manage the cluttering single-handedly.

In our cluttering coaching a single session is meant to get you started. We will discuss the main points of treatment that we both find necessary to address. It gives you direction and focus. In three coaching sessions we could work on one or two issues and monitor your progress. This comes with a couple of assignments, depending on your specific needs. Planning five sessions allows us to work on some issues more elaborately and is the most chosen package. All packages can easily be extended again with 1, 3 or 5 sessions. Sessions normally have a duration of 45 minutes.

Choose your cluttering coaching package

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Looking forward to help you manage the cluttering!