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Understanding cluttering from personal experiences

Understanding cluttering Are you familiar with the concept of cluttering? It's not just about speech. It extends to one's emotional and mental well-being, often leading to absurd reactions from others. In our video series, Emmanuel Gonzalez shares his firsthand experiences with cluttering, shedding light on the impact it has on his life. His story is

2023-05-09T13:04:27+02:00May 9th, 2023|Posts cluttering|

Cluttering speech and adhd

Cluttering speech and ADHD: are they related? There seems to be a connection between ADHD and cluttering, according to researchers. Like in people with speech disorder cluttering people with ADHD may experience the same kind of problems. They, for example, can have difficulty in focusing, can act impulsively and may display hyperactive behavior.  Adhd cluttered speech 

2023-01-04T19:51:08+02:00October 11th, 2022|Posts cluttering|
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