Why Too fast for words

Why we created Too fast for words? Well, that is simple. Imagine you spend almost your entire life searching for a solution to better be able to control your speech. A way of speaking that is undeniably fast, sloppy, incomprehensible or unintelligible (or, at least that is what people tell you). You know for yourself that there is something wrong with your speech, too. People refer to your verbal utterances as stuttering. So, you enroll in therapy for that. After years and years – of having therapy, practicing speech techniques, doing soul searching and wondering what the heck is wrong with you –  you discover that you don’t stutter at all. In fact, almost the opposite is true. Ding dong, welcome to your ‘new life’.

Too fast for words was created to enhance the awareness of cluttering and to support people who clutter – and everyone close to them – to better cope with this intriguing speech-language disorder. For example by sharing our book full of content, offering personal coaching or by speaking at international conferences

Help spreading the word

Do you have an interest in cluttering? Then share your ideas, experiences, knowledge and insights. Whether you are a person who clutters, a speech-language pathologist, or a researcher. Together we have something unique to offer. Thanks for visiting Too fast for words!