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From reading this ebook you will understand the basics of cluttering: what it is, which symptoms are attached to it, in which situations cluttering occurs most often, what types of cluttering can be distinguished, what are the causes of cluttering and what the differences with stuttering are.

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For a more extensive explanation of cluttering, personal stories from people who clutter and tips for successful treatment, order Too fast for words. In this book you will find everything you need to know about this intriguing speech-language disorder. It can be helpful when people tell you that you speak too fast or that your speech is unclear or sloppy. Or when you find it difficult to control the pace of your speech, which causes you to trip over your words. Or maybe when you have difficulty in ordering your thoughts or determining what, exactly, you are going to say. Through real-life anecdotes from people who clutter the book takes you on an interesting journey of discovery.

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