Find a cluttering therapist

When you clutter it is important that you get the right therapy by a cluttering therapist. In the past too many clutterers have had therapies that did not match their needs. Cluttering was not that well understood by science. Also it was considered a rather vague term by many cluttering therapists. They knew what the term implied, more or less, but what exactly cluttering means and how it differs from stuttering was unclear to most. Happily times are changing now, and more and more speech-language pathologists are being educated on how to distinguish cluttering from stuttering. This is good news for people who clutter; they have better access to expert help (cluttering therapist) than ever before. Still, if you clutter, make sure you get the right therapy. Therapy for cluttering differs from that of stuttering. Seek a speech-language pathologist who is comfortable with treating cluttering. You deserve it.