Review Too fast for words in Polish…

Do I speak Polish? No, I don’t. 🙂
But thanks to our best friend Google I could very well understand an interesting article written by Dr. Monika Kaźmierczak from the University of Łódź (Poland) about my book “Too fast for words”. It is so rewarding, and even cathartic, to notice once again that the book is well received by researchers, speech language therapists and people who clutter around the globe. That’s what makes you forget all the hard work that’s put into it.

So, what does the review of Too fast for words say?

To give you a glimpse of what’s in there (quote):

” Unique works like this – being inspiring, informative, and thought-provoking at the same time, and evoking the emotions of the reader – do not show up often. It can change the perceptions of speech therapists with regard to their clients because of a better understanding of the speech disorder itself. Speech therapists will also be particularly interested in this compendium of knowledge, looking for specific tips and advice. The book contains, amongst other things, an extensive collection of recommendations, a description of exercises to use in therapy, and a review of psychological techniques and methods that are used in parallel with speech therapy. ”

I am especially grateful, too, that science picks up on this. Well done, Monika Kaźmierczak and Katarzyna Wesierska! 🙂