Word structure errors (misspeaking)

At too high a speech rate you may soon start to misspeak and produce word structure errors such as:

Syllable sequencing

Syllables are put in the wrong order, for example: “infissufcient” (insufficient)

Errors in syllable structure

A error is made within a syllable, for example: “kind” instead of “mind”

Speech anticipation errors

The speaker anticipates a sound to come, for example: “grees gras” (green grass) or breaking screeches (screeching brakes)

Phonetic substitutions

Sounds are substituted, causing incorrect words, such as “tevelision”, “brink deer”

Adding sounds/syllables

The speaker spontaneously adds an unintended sound or syllable to an existing word, for example in: “aggegration” (aggregation)

Sound substitutions

The speaker uses the wrong sounds, for example: “bid” for “bed”, or: “tea” for “too”.